Here's some of the websites I have made!

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Mayborn Science Theater

Made in 2012, launched in April 2013. A redesign has been in the works since October, 2012. This website marked the organization's transition into their first content management system.


Geekfest is an event that helps raise funds for scholarships at Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas. This was the first design I created for it in 2017, but was only implemented in 2017 due to the college being busy with their own redesign. I originally took over in 2014, created a temporary "hacked" version inside the Mayborn Science Theater website and that was used until 2017, when the product you see was launched.

Nature Jewelry

Made in the Fall of 2015, launched early 2016. I set up a content management system and the customer set up their own online stores with plugins.

Planeta Gundam

Made and launched in early 2017. A website for brazilian fans of the Gundam franchise. This site's content management system was completely created in PHP by me, with the help of several open source packages. It is still a work in progress.